What’s 50′ Fit all about?

First off you do NOT need to be 50! The most recent Sole Sisters Victoria creation is designed to push you to new levels of strength, endurance and confidence! Our bodies respond to increased
demands – our bodies will adapt to more weight, more tension and more distance as we increase the demands, we put on them. The result? A stronger, more fit, longer lasting and shapely YOU!

Here are a few 50′ Fit Facts:

Size Matters:

As always, OPTIONS are a MUST at Sole Sisters! 50′ Fit is designed to provide options for all levels of fitness – from beginners to those experienced in the weight room….and typical of all Sole Sisters programs, if you don’t know any sisters when arrive, you will leave with a new list of “sister friends’ who are there to cheer you on and help out when you need it.


Currently 50′ Fit is operating out of the underground parking lot, aka “My Sister’s Basement” in Gateway Village located at 771 Vernon Avenue across from the Saanich Municipal Hall/Saanich Fire. Great news – we have access to a private bathroom!
Opening soon…………….”My Sister’s Garage” located at 1040 Tulip for personal training and small group fitness…. I am vibrating typing this:)

Class Times:

What do I need to bring/wear?

Dress in layers and wear good supportive athletic shoes. Bring your yoga mat/exercise mat or thick towel and your water bottle! I have all the equipment you will need! Don’t worry – I bring the tunes and love song requests:)


Purchase a 10x pass for $150 or drop-in for $20. Your first visit is FREE. Bring a sister and you and your sister are FREE. Sole Sisters is about sharing the wealth of good health. This is my way of saying “Thank you for sharing the message”.


Talk to me. Tell me how you are feeling. Reach out. Ask Questions. Show up. Try your best….AND believe that you CAN do this ~ I do!
I look forward to meeting you in “My Sister’s Basement”.
Shimmying with my dumbbells,